How Las Vegas Became Gambling Central

Las Vegas is the home of gambling. Somewhere along the line, what was a sleepy desert town, which means ‘the meadows’ in Spanish, turned into the gambling capital of the world.

It goes by many nicknames, some of which include Gambling Central and Sin City, mostly because of the proliferation of casinos and adult entertainment there. If you are planning a visit, prepare to be open minded because as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Las Vegas came into being in 105 and it was officially recognized as a city in 1911. It is now the 28th most populated city in the United States, with just over two million people calling it home. But it had much more humble beginnings.

The first non native American to discover it was a Mexican scout, who was on a mission to Los Angeles in 1929. Followers of the Church of Latter Day Saints built a fort there in 1846 and they used it as a resting stop when traveling from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles for supplies.

But the real turning point which saw growth explode in the Nevada city was in 1931 when the state legalized gambling and relaxed divorce law by requiring residency of only six weeks to seek dissolution of a marriage.

Following World War Two, things went crazy in Las Vegas as hotels, casinos with slot games and bright lights began to sprout up everywhere. Big names in business began to buy up large tracts of land and one after another, massive gambling center began to sprout up. They all competed with each other, but no one could gt over the appetite for gambling that people had in the US and further afield. Before anyone knew it, Las Vegas had snowballed into the biggest gambling center in the world, a reputation it enjoys till this day.

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