Las Vegas’ Chocolat Love Affair

You might not have known, but Las Vegas has an intimate love affair with all things chocolate. If you love chocolately goodness, then you should make a beeline for the local masters of chocolate making – Ethel M. The chocolatier can be found right next to the Botanical Gardens, mentioned in the previous post.

You can take a tour of the plant and see how the chocolate is prepared and then put into molds of fantastic designs that make these creations come to life. You will be shown how raw cacao mix is mixed with different ingredients to make different types of chocolate, ranging from white chocolate to milk chocolate and fondant and very rich dark chocolate. You can sample the delights that are on offer and your taste buds will be tantalized to the point that it will become irresistible to not buy some of the amazing things on offer.

If you feel like a bit more of a fun experience, you can also take a tour of M&M’s world. Curiously, a bee keeper in the US noticed that his bees were producing blue honey and he couldn’t quite understand why, until he figured out that an M&M’s factory was nearby. It soon became clear that the bees were raiding the factory to obtain sugar to make honey. But back to the attraction. M&Ms world is a four floor factory cum theme park where you can watch how the sweets are made in a fun environment with animators running around and making jokes – much like the television advert characters do. It’s great fun if you have kids with you and after watching the 3-D movie featuring Red and Yellow, you can purchase memorabilia, and of course, M&Ms. There is every variety you can imagine on offer and you can also purchase loose ones by weight.

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