Getting to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. People visit from far and wide to enjoy a flutter in the casinos or to enjoy some of the crazy shows on offer. It is the world of glitz and glam, an over the top and totally outrageous destination which is characterized by bright lights, loud music and totally bizarre outfits and crazy experiences.

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You can see Elvis impersonators on every corner and if it’s what you are into, you can even get married in a Las Vegas chapel dressed as Elvis in a jumpsuit, or married off by Elvis… the choice is totally yours.

But first you have to get there. If you are flying in from Europe, it will be a pretty long affair. Most major European airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, TAP sly to New York, which is always a good option for a connecting flight into Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. Some carriers fly directly there, but it is a very long flights, so you might wish to break the journey and also perhaps take a few days to explore New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Boston.

A flight from most Easter seaboard airports will take a bout three hours to get to Las Vegas and pretty much all US airlines fly there multiple times a day from all major and most regional airports. That’s the thing about Vegas, there is always someone, somewhere who wants to get there to go and have that once in a lifetime experience.

If you are going there from farther, Australia, for example, it takes a bit longer. These days, Qantas can fly you to Los Angeles on a 14 hour non-stop flight from the Western city of Perth, and you can then connect to Las Vegas. That flight takes a little over an hour. Las Vegas is literally at your finger tips.

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